Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flamingos! It began as a silly thankyou.

...but as I started working on it, I realized I could actually make it kinda classy and cute, in a preppy sort of way!

Here's the story: My friend's mom, Cindy, sent over some fabrics for me to add to my stash. She's a lifer, if you know what I mean: she's been sewing all her years! Anyway, she also gave me some wooden spools that I'd been wanting to collect, a spool holder, and some vintage sewing photos.

Moreover, she's a flamingo fanatic! My friend (her daughter) Jenn is always picking up little flamingo themed items to send to her mom. It's a riot! Last week, I stumbled upon some flamingo fabric at JoAnn's when I was rummaging through the remnant bin (one of my very favorite things to do!). Take a peek at what I did with it! Not too shabby, eh? At first I expected it to lean toward the tacky, but I think it ended up just the opposite! Quite classy! I worked up the piping myself (another favorite thing of mine to do lately, too).
Cindy's Flamingo Wristlet & Key Fob Set

Thanks so much for all the goodies, Cindy! I know I still owe you a little something with that chocolate fabric~I haven't forgotten!

And I think I still have a tidbit of fabric left...I just might make another set and offer it in my shop!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now she's ready for vacation!

My good friend Teri is heading out to the East Coast for a family vacation.  She called me and told me about a bag she purchased for the trip, but it had some issues.  It wasn't big enough to carry her purse, personals, books and mags, and her laptop.  She also didn't like the exterior pockets because they didn't close securely, nor did she care for how the zipper was placed at the top of the bag.  It was kind of funky, too: the way the zipper was installed left just a very small opening at the top of the bag.  Poor design in our opinion.

Her brilliant idea (heh heh) was for me to make a bag for her with her desired "tweaks".  What was even more brilliant was our "arrangement" -->  I'd work on her bag all day today to get it done in time for her flight out of town, and she agreed to watch my kiddos for the day.  We met up for an early dinner when I was done sewing and she loved the result!

The bag is a roomy 15 x 13.5 x 5 with a zippered top closure, and lots of secured velcro pockets.  I just love the combinations of blues in these fabrics.  The camel fabric I used for the trim and some of the interior gave it a bit of pop, too.  Have a great vacation Teri!  But hurry home soon!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fore!...for her!

My two girlfriends, Jenn and Teri, and I are just the perfect combination of friends. Never do I laugh as hard as when the three of us are together. Last night we celebrated Teri's birthday with a lovely night out to dinner at a restaurant that does not include a drive thru. We dressed up in our "non-mom" clothes and put a little lipstick on.... and off we went!

Here is the wristlet I made for her. She's a golfer, so Jenn and I wanted something cute for her that she can carry as a small handbag or use for her golf tees while out on the course.

Teri's Golf Wristlet

Feminine yet sporty! I love the combination. Just like Teri, now that I think about it! Happy Birthday Teri!

I've got a few of these wristlets available in my Cute2Carry boutique this week if there's a golfer in your life who deserves a little something special.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What are friends for...pillowcases, of course!

My super amazing web designer (and great friend) , Cicily, does so much work for me (you have no idea), and usually at the drop of a hat despite her heavy client load.  I can only repay her and say "thank you" with so many handbags y'know,  so sometimes she lets me do some other sewing projects for her.

This week, it was a treat to work on some toddler pillowcases for her son's bedroom.  Knit is always a challenge for me to work with.  Honestly, I don't know how some of you seamstresses use it so often!  I'm in awe.   I think I spent 30 minutes just laying it out nice and evenly before cutting it. GAH!!!  The stress!

Toddler Knit Pillowcases

Nevertheless, they are so cute and will be nice, soft and comfy for her little 3 year old's sweet head.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A gift set in Retro Floral

Here's a cute set that I made for a custom order this week. It'll be a gift set. She was after a girlie pink fabric and chose this from my stash. What a sweet friend!

Retro Floral Wristlet and Key Fob Set

And, of course, who can go wrong with shades of pink and green?

I hope to stock more wristlets in my shop soon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Vintage Beach Slouchy Tote

...and this Slouchy Tote has been my vision for it for weeks now.  It's big ~ it's roomy ~ and it's just really fun for the summer!  And I love, love, love the swivel hook and O-ring closure!!

Vintage Beach Slouchy Tote

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another birthday delight.

Yet another birthday.....which means another gift to give. For me, I love it when it means a gift I can make. I don't have any daughters so whenever I can use "pink", I jump at the chance.

Furthermore, this I-Spy bag is something I've been eager to try to make for a good year now. Brenna, my good friend's 4 year old daughter, was my perfect excuse. In lieu of a store-bought gift bag or wrapping paper, I made a little matching gift bag to hold the I-Spy bag. However, I'm noticing that the little drawstring pouch is just the right size to hold 6 of her "My Littlest Petshop" kittens. *grin*

Brenna's I-Spy Bag

If you don't already know, an I-Spy bag has all sort of small objects hidden among the pellets. The object of the game is to manipulate the bean bag around to expose (or find) each of the listed items.

What held me off for a year to try this out? I admit, it was the clear vinyl. Without a teflon foot, it's nearly impossible to sew over the vinyl. I improvised with tissue paper and,fortunately, had success. Yay!

Note to self: look for a teflon foot soon!


Sew Mama Sew

What a thrill to get a mention on the popular Sew Mama Sew Blog today about the birthday set I made for Mom and Dad! Be sure to check it out, and you'll see lots of other really creative submissions in the Create and Celebrate Category.

Also, this entire month of July at SMS, they are posting Summer Crafting ideas. I loved their Holiday/Christmas segment last year, so I anticipate this one being fantastic, too!

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